About Media Arts Database (Beta Version)

For the purpose of facilitating the promotion of media arts in Japan, since 2010, the Agency for Cultural Affairs has been researching the overall picture of media arts that have been created in Japan up to this point (information on works and their ownership) for the purpose of saving and utilizing media arts works. A positive outcome of that research is the new availability of this database to the general public under the name “Media Arts Database (Beta Version)” as an organized compilation of information on works of manga, animation, game and media art and their ownership in database form. The Media Arts Database (Beta Version) is equipped with multiple search methods, including “All” and “Summary”, that make it possible to comprehensively search information regarding works across the four fields of manga, animation, game, and media art. The intent behind this database is for numerous people to use it in their information-gathering, investigative research and other such efforts to familiarize themselves with media arts works. Please note that the content and feature of the database will be progressively updated and added.

About the Information in the Database

Information in the Media Arts Database (Beta Version) consists of data generated and registered using the below information as a reference.

Manga Field

Data in the manga field is generated and registered from manga books, manga magazines and bibliographical information in the possession of various cooperating information repositories, etc.
Cooperating information repositories, etc. for manga

Animation Field

Data in the animation field is generated and registered from books and data collections on animation and information provided by cooperating organizations (persons)

Game Field

Data in the game field is generated and registered from the below two data types. Please note that 1 is overwritten and registered with priority over 2.

  • Bibliographical information prepared by libraries and cooperating information repositories

  • Bibliographical information generated from specialized publications and magazines that indicate a bibliography for video games (Information sources are recorded under the source of the pertinent records)

Media Art Field

Data in the media art field is generated and registered from literature, websites, drawings and other related materials on media art works (interactive art, installation art, video works, etc.) released in the past.

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    • Changes to specifications and suspension of service of this WebAPI may occur at the discretion of the operator for the purpose of a trial public access.

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  • Feedback

    • We would greatly appreciate feedback such as comments and requests relating to the use of the WebAPI for our future development. Please go to Opinions to give feedback.

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