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Inputting Search Conditions

In this search window, you can search for works of animation by animation title, director, and producer.

Searching by specifying detailed conditions is also possible.

  • Media: First appearance in media (medium)
  • Title: Name of work
  • Episode Title: Episode title of a work
  • Producer: Name of producer/producing company, committee etc.
  • Staff: Name of staff (director, original creator etc.)
  • Cast: Name of cast (voice actor, etc.)
  • Starting Date: Specification of scope of the starting date for the relevant work (First broadcast in the case of TV, first showing in the case of theater, and first market release in the case of OVAs)
  • Length of Media: Specification of time range for work

Each item in “Search” is searched through “Search Keywords” and AND Conditions Input “*” (asterisk) into “Search Keywords” when targeting all works.

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About the Database

In this database, information on the animation published during the period from 1917 to September 2015. The database is under development and will be updated as necessary.

Database Structure

Information on works (series), episodes, materials, and packages is registered in this database. The details of each is as follows

Information on Works (Series) Basic information about the works is registered.
Episode Information on each episode related to Information on Works (Series)is registered.
Information on Materials Information on related materials is registered.
Film materials currently registered are those owned by the Film Center of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
Package Information on package software is registered.
Materials currently registered are those owned by the National Diet Library’s Music and Film Materials Room during the period from 2011 to 2014.

About Registration of Theater Animation, TV Animation, and OVAs

Theater Animation
  • Information is individually registered under Information on Works (Series).
  • A part or each volume, etc. of omnibus works is registered under Episode Information.
TV Animation
  • Information is individually registered under Information on Works (Series) for each program.
  • A program may be registered as two different programs with the same program was broadcasted in the different periods.
  • Under Episode Information, an episode of a work broadcasted after midnight is registered as of the date next to the broadcast date.
(Works published mainly in the form of video software)
  • A work with a single episode is registered by each episode, and a work with multiple episodes is registered together under Information on Works (Series).
  • The second episode (or volume) of a work is registered under Episode Information. In case where multiple episodes are contained in one volume each episode is registered under Episode Information.
  • As a general rule, works with the same title released within the span of one year, and works with sequence number are compiled under one Information on Works (Series) entry.
  • Works publicly shown in theaters may be registered as theater animations.

Information on Works (Series) Double-layering

Information is registered in Information on Works (Series) on surveys from FY2014 onwards using magazines and public materials etc., and on surveys from FY2010 to FY2013 using publishing company materials etc. Information on surveys from FY2010 to FY 2013 is displayed as “Initial Stage Survey Information”

About Information Source

The information sources and target scope used in surveys from FY2014 onwards are as follows.

Name of Materials Target Scope
Katsunori Yamaguchi, Yasushi Watanabe “The History of Japanese Animations” Yubunsha, 1977. Theater Animations from 1917 to 1977
“25 Years of Television Cartoons” Tokuma Shoten, 1988. TV Animations from 1962 to 1988
“70 Years of Theatrical Films” Tokuma Shoten, 1989. Theater Animations from 1917 to 1988
“Animage, Anime Pocket Data 2000” Tokuma Shoten, 2000. OVAs from 1983 to 1989
“Tokyo Anime Awards” Voting Data on Works
*The awards were started from 2002.
*Information from November to October of the following year is published.
TV/Theater Animations from November 2000 to October 2013
*Mainly used for the input of staff information.
“Animage” Tokuma Shoten, “For use in Anime GP Voting/Annual Perfect Data for All Works of Anime”
*Published in the March edition during the 2000s.
*Information from December to November of the following year is published.
TV/Theater Animations of the 2000s
“Animage” Tokuma Shoten
TV Animations from 1988 to 1989, and December 2013 to September 2014
“Animage” Tokuma Shoten
New Works Information Corner
TV Animations, Theater Animations, and OVAs from 1988 to 1989
TV Animations and Theater Animations in 2000
OVAs from 2000 to 2002
“Animage” Tokuma Shoten
DVD Information Corner
OVAs from 2002 to September 2014
“Anime Industry Report 2015 Separate-volume Supplement/Perfect Data on All Works of Anime in 2014” The Association of Japanese Animations Database Working Group 2015. TV Animations, Theater Animations, and OVAs from December 2013 to December 2014
Collaborative Creation of List Production Committee and the Business TV Animations, Theater Animations, and OVAs from January to September 2015
Cooperation: Masahiro Haraguchi (List Production Committee), Yasushi Watanabe (Animation History Research)

*The volume number of “Animage” used in surveys is input as “AM+6-digit numbers”.
E.g.: “AM201503” = “Animage” March 2015 Edition

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