Privacy Policy

Basic Concepts

 Information is collected on all users of the Media Arts Database (, hereinafter “this Website”) by the Agency of Cultural Affairs within the scope necessary for the smooth operation of the services (search functions, etc.) provided in this Website. Information collected is handled appropriately within the scope of the purposes of use.

Scope of Collected Information

  1. Information on IP addresses, etc., is automatically collected by this Website.
  2. We use Google Analytics for collection / analysis of access logs. Google Analytics collects log data without including information that can identify individuals. Collected log data is maintained according to the privacy policy of Google Inc.
    Please refer to the link below for the privacy policy of Google Inc. for Google Analytics.
    Google Analytics website
    Google privacy policy
  3. We ask that you provide your name and email address when providing opinions relating to this Website. The sender’s address, phone number, etc., may be entered voluntarily. Furthermore, the sender’s name and email address will be displayed on the recipient’s side.

Purposes of Use

  1. Information gathered pursuant to 2-(1) is used as reference for the smooth operation of the services provided by this Website.
  2. Opinions, etc., gathered pursuant to 2-(2) shall be used as reference for the future operation of the website. For this reason, along with the forwarding of information to the Agency’s office in charge according to the content of the opinions, if outside of the Agency’s jurisdiction, the information may be forwarded to the administrative agency in charge. Furthermore, the sender’s name and email address will be used for the purpose of making contact to confirm the content of the opinion.

Limitations of Use and Provision

 The Agency of Cultural Affairs will not use information collected for purposes other than those in 3., or provide it to third parties, excluding in cases where there are requests for disclosure based on laws and ordinances, when there are illegal actions such as unauthorized access or intimidation, or for other special reasons. However, statistically-processed information on access to this Website and information on user attributes may be publicly disclosed.

Measures to Protect Safety

 The Agency of Cultural Affairs will put in place measures for the prevention of the leaking, loss or damage of information gathered, and otherwise for the appropriate management of information gathered.

Scope of Application

 This privacy policy applies only to this Website. The handling of information by related ministries, etc., is carried out under the responsibility of each individual organization.


 The Agency of Cultural Affairs may revise this privacy policy as necessary.